About us - United-Digitals

Here are 3 key things that distinguish us from other digital solution providers


We have scientific and production staff with advanced degrees in medicine, research, marketing, 3D animation, software and hardware engineering.

We also have production members with extensive pharma industry experience and digital arts education. Blend these together and you get the most patient centric, regulatory compliant and technically accurate solutions that exceed your expectations.

production capacity

Our projects are completed in house resulting in no loss of sensitive data, confidential information or intellectual property.

United-Digitals is continually expanding upon its own human and technical potential, allowing us to take on more projects and complete them successfully within budget and on time.


By constantly raising the bar and entering uncharted territories, United-Digitals perfects the process of exploring ideas, collaborating to improve the outcome, inventing and innovating to fulfill gaps.

One of many examples could be taking regular software, modifying and adapting it to upgrade it to the next level. It can be then prescribed by physicians as a Software Medical Device (SMD).

How do we work


With over 15 years of international exposure and experience in healthcare we are comfortable to consult your scientific or marketing plans and projects regardless of their complexity and progress stage.


Our creative team of medics and technical experts diagnose your needs and devise the most appropriate solutions to address and apply them. This is done according to your customers’ individual priorities, preferences and behaviours as well as your own.


United-Digitals has mastered the art of blending science with creativity and technology to supply you with innovative, crafted and approvable solutions which are fully inline with applicable external and internal regulations and procedures. We put excellence, compliance and aesthetics on the same level.


We focus on your project throughout its duration, working down to the finest details. We work alongside you to successfully develop the right product for you.


Our style of work and the solutions we provide are favoured by large, mid-size and small companies alike. We assist many clients in putting customers at the centre of their business. Below you will find a short selection of brands that we support all around the world.


United-Digitals is assiociated with the International Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality in Medicine.

Visit www.avarm.org to read more.


We would love to hear from you if you are ready for an adventure to journey through passionate learning and creative cooperation, innovating work and other amazing aspects of life.

Please email us at career@united-digitals.com to let us know.