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technology in education

Improvements in teaching

While traditional medical education (ME) and professional development (PD) courses increase participants’ knowledge, they have limited impact on the more relevant end points of physician behavior and patient outcomes. The interactive potential of VR and AR digital ME and PD solutions and their flexibility in time and place offer improvements over traditional approach.

The use of learning portfolios and informationists can be integrated with self-directed education to help foster a culture of lifelong learning. Effective education and development require not only increased interactivity, but also improved applicability to users’ specific learning needs.

Virtual Reality

Providing a new level of quality in education using Virtual Reality. 

By using VR technology patients and physicians can interact with non accessible structures and experience unique sensations which can be explained in detail and change their perception of the disease and mechanisms of therapeutic options. Medical VR educational tools are used to better visualise mechanism of action and biological processes, explain diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, simulate, demonstrate and train, as well as provide virtual tours.

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Augmented Reality

AR technology allows immediate access to educational information. 

By simply scanning a marker (for example, a specially designed page in a medical journal, a scientific congress poster full of data and charts, or even an ordinary medication pack), physicians can discover additional details in the form of videos, 3D models, pdf files, images and 360 degree visualisations. Such multi-format digital approach enriches educational messages and takes the entire learning experience to the next level.

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3d printing

Bringing models to life. 

Creating virtual reality is an incredible achievement in the medical world but sometimes it is necessary to create a physical object that can be used to assist in the description and visualisation of a product or problem.

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Learning process simplified. 

The World is saturated with web and mobile applications that make your life easier or allow you to do anything you want. We can build an app to support and help you reach your goals.

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Access through digital solutions.

 Accessible, responsive websites that contain static and interactive content to attract and educate users all with compliance in mind.

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audio / video

Entertain and learn simultaneously. 

Holographic technology allows congresses, scientific presentations, webinars and other educational event participants to watch a virtual presenter being projected or streamed live in a very realistic way. A useful solution when event attendance isn’t possible.

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