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Stand out from the crowd

Tailored solutions

By applying tailored digital solutions, like Virtual or Augmented Reality, holographic displays and live 360 degree dimensional streaming, tactical feature, positioning radars, surrounding visual stands, and many more to scientific congresses, educational events or promotional presentations.

 We can make messages stand out of the crowd and increase presenter visibility. Patients and HCPs tend to remember what amazes them which provides a unique opportunity to better understand or communicate and provide feedback.

virtual reality 

Data in 360 degrees.  

VR provides a perfect way for Scientific Data Visualisation and Presentation. This is achieved using personal VR goggles or very large 180 to 360 degree seamlessly connected LCD displays for large audiences. Data walkthrough can be performed on Mobile VR Systems, allowing a smartphone to take a user to another world - anytime, anywhere. Stationary VR systems with advanced display technology combined with its precise, low-latency constellation motion trackers enable the sensation of presence – the feeling as though the user is actually there.

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augmented reality 

Immersive way of showing data. 

AR allows us to build on the real, physical world around us by displaying information overlays and digital content which is tied to physical objects and modified or customised by location and time. There are a lot of benefits of using AR during scientific or promotional presentations. The technology intrigues the users, influences their imagination, enriches messages and allows the fitment of more information in less space.

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Promotional stands 

Interactive promotion of your products. 

We are specialists in the construction of exhibition stands which use the latest digital technology. We incorporate Virtual and Augmented Reality, high resolution, large LED screens, interactive screens and 3D mapping including interactive elements.

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audio / video 

Holographic technology on your demand. 

Holographic technology allows congresses, scientific presentations, webinars and other educational event participants to watch a virtual presenter being projected or streamed live in a very realistic way. A useful solution when event attendance isn’t possible.

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