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Saving Time

Virtual Advisory Boards

We now live in a very dynamic and multi-tasking environment where constant pressure to increase productivity , save time and decrease operational costs is of vital importance. We have all become accustomed to using our mobile devices, our social networks and our virtual solutions no matter what generation we are from, be it the digital or analogue age. Therefore, it is no surprise that modern patients, HCPs or medical providers often prefer to to use digital solutions such as virtual meetings and advisory boards, consultations via telemedicine ports or chats on social media channels over traditional face-to-face (F2F) interactions.

A virtual advisory board (synchronised or asynchronised) is an easy-to-use digital solution that facilitates through leader engagement. This requires less time to implement and conduct than live meetings. Virtual advisory boards provide faster, more convenient information exchange and accelerate the time to market responsiveness and expand the options of program objectives. The format has proved to be effective across multiple therapeutic areas, geographies, and business teams (commercial, medical affairs, and R&D).

  • Primary care and specialist referral services may involve a primary care or allied health professional providing a consultation with a patient or a specialist assisting the primary care physician in rendering a diagnosis. This may involve the use of live interactive video or the use of store and forward transmission of diagnostic images, vital signs and/or video clips along with patient data for later review.
  • Consumer medical and health information includes the use of the Internet and wireless devices for consumers to obtain specialized health information, and on-line discussion groups to provide peer-to-peer support.
  • Remote patient monitoring, including home telehealt, uses devices to remotely collect and send data to a home health agency or a aremote diagnostic testing facility (RDTF) for interpretation. Such applications might include a specific vital sign, such as blood glucose or healt ECG or a avariety of indicatios for homebound patients. Such services can be used to supplement the use of visiting nurses.
  • Medical education provides continuing medical education credits for health professionals and special medical education seminars for targeted groups in remote locations.


New channel of communication through applications. 

The World is saturated with web and mobile applications that make your life easier or allow you to do anything you want. We can build an app to support and help you reach your goals.

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Device-friendly solutions for communication. 

Accessible, responsive websites that contain static and interactive content to attract and educate users all with compliance in mind.

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Audio / VIdeo 

Higher level of communication. 

Holographic technology allows congresses, scientific presentations, webinars and other educational event participants to watch a virtual presenter being projected or streamed live in a very realistic way. A useful solution when event attendance isn’t possible.

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