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Virtual products brought to life.

There are many accounts where the advance in 3D printing technology has helped people, often with life threatening problems but to also regain a sense of normality in life. High precision 3D printers produce accurate, unique or prototype models so that they can be tested and checked before they are mass produced. We have the ability to 3D model, optimise and print 3D models with high precision, accuracy to provide best quality objects.

3D printing allows us to also tailor 3D objects to fit patients or physicians perfectly and exclusively. A single printer can produce a vast range of products and devices, sometimes already assembled with working components, hinges and parts within parts. It is a factory without a factory floor.

However, one of the most exciting and promising applications of 3D printing is bioprinting: the ability to manufacture living human tissue and organs based on a patient’s genetic profile.

Services which use this technology