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Using the latest technology available to give you the ultimate experience

Having the ability to produce amazing audio and visual experiences is critical in modern society. With advances in technology in audio and video playback, our listening and viewing materials need to be on a par. This is where we have an advantage… We have the ability to produce and make using the latest recording equipment and then we have access to the foremost colouring, fixing and production studios where post production sound and video can be optimised to perfection by experts with many years of experience behind them.

We are able to facilitate the use of green rooms where we can record action and superimpose it onto any background seamlessly. The advantages of this are endless, one example could be placing someone in a scene that is not easily accessible or available. HCPs may find this particularly useful.

We are using the latest technology of holographics using steam screen. The ability to create a 3D moving image is unsurpassed and the benefits are immense. For example, a professor could give a lecture to multiple groups all over the world at the same time and not have to be present in any of them.

Motion capture studios enable us to produce 360 videos for use in the medical industry. This could be something as simple as a finger moving to a complete human. The benefits are limitless.

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Services which use this technology