Digital Events - United-Digitals


We are specialists in the construction of exhibition stands which use the latest digital technology. 

We incorporate Virtual and Augmented Reality, high resolution, large LED screens, interactive screens and 3D mapping including interactive elements. We have a background in the multimedia industry and are believers in new technologies. We have the ability, hardware and production knowledge to design a comprehensive and attractive stand to allow your message and product to shine. Materials produced by us are scrutinised by a team of doctors, lawyers and relevant professionals to ensure accuracy of content and accordance with applicable laws.

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We have a wealth of resources available to us at each stage of your project:

  • Architects who can design aesthetic yet fully functional stands
  • Experienced project managers who will lead you step by step through the service
  • Studio produced content
  • High quality in-house multimedia equipment (high resolution LED screens, interactive screens, 4k camera and projectors, high power sound systems, effect and architectural lights).
  • Multimedia implementers and logistics along with specialised assembly teams
  • Warehousing for stand storage

Services which use this technology